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About us

A Story of connecting the whole packaging value chain

We are an international, member-based packaging network, or cluster, which was founded in 2010. We are a rapidly growing network for the packaging industry and all its stakeholders, customers, suppliers, researchers and innovators. 

The idea of Packbridge is to create a venue that naturally connects industry with academia, research with commercial application, and perhaps most importantly people with people. 

Packbridge is headquartered in the south of Sweden, a melting pot for research, innovation and communication as well as established clusters in food, pharmaceuticals and several other relevant industries. 

Packbridge has international ambitions and a well-developed network of contacts throughout the world. In countries like Japan, China and Korea, we have MoU agreements with several organizations and companies. 

Packbridge has a Bronze certification in cluster management excellence from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis, ESCA.

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How to Get Around Hawaii in 8 Days

Packbridge offers members an exciting mix of networking and cross-fertilization activities. Our recurring activities,  Packbridge  seminars always gather many participants. We arrange Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge an annual, international packaging conference at the highest level. Packbridge Research Forum is another of our larger events, a day where academia in the Nordic countries presents its latest packaging research.

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